Metal RECycling & Recovery


Waste is a commodity! Waste is an opportunity! We offer full recycling services with a purpose of metal recovery
From common alloy scrap, grindings to more exotic sludges, metal sintering and additive manufacturing waste
we’ve got the technology, resources, tools and practical intelligence to unlock hidden value of your end-of-life metallic assets.

We work with manufacturers, processors, melt shops, laboratories, traders, suppliers, engineers, scientists, service companies, sub-contractors, and consultants to achieve safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to convert your scrap into business opportunities, by recovering such metals as:








We are a process driven company that grows recycling loops on building long-term relationships and trusted partnerships
We ensure sustainable resource and waste management. We also work in an experimental dimension.
LekonGermess is not a conventional recycling company, it's a lab of synergies.

In a circular economy, conventional waste streams from one process are repurposed as inputs for another, creating a circular, closed-loop model of material reuse. Our work begins where others’ consumption ends, where resources would be otherwise lost.

We are A Team of Problem Solvers, offer us a challenge

Recycling of alloy grindings with the purpose of metal recovery 

Recycling of alloy grindings with the purpose of metal recovery 

Alloy Scrap and grindings

Focusing on materials like: grindings, shavings, turnings and sweeps on common type of alloys as well as mixed and complex mixed materials.

Processing of by-products, such as concentrates and filter cakes

Processing of by-products, such as concentrates and filter cakes

Processing by-products and concentrate

We process by-products such as filter cakes, concentrates, hydroxides from various applications, such as hydrometallurgical treatment, hard metals, carbide and high speed steel processing.

Thermal spray waste recycling

Thermal spray waste recycling


We recycle thermal spray and alloys surface treatment wastes with the purpose of metal recovery and alloy production.

Recycling of additive manufacturing waste

Recycling of additive manufacturing waste

Additive manufacturing

The shift to additive manufacturing is accelerated by innovative companies. Material innovation is one thing. The harder part of the story is sustainability.

New challenges requires new approach, that's why we developed approach to recover metals from the waste originating from additive manufacturing processes.




Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. We help metal processing companies recover metals from industrial wastes, such as slags and residues.